Josh Hawley: Missouri Voters Don’t Want Open Borders, High Taxes

Nov 2nd, 2018 | By | Category: Candidates, U.S. Senate
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Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is running against Swamp dweller Sen. Claire McCaskill for the Senate on Tuesday. Hawley doesn’t think Missouri voters want higher taxes or open borders. That’s what they’ll get if they vote for McCaskill on Tuesday. She has been a loyal soldier in Chuck Schumer’s army of socialists, pro-abortion zealots, and anti-sovereignty fanatics who wish to flood our nation with millions of undocumented Democrats from Mexico and Central America. The Democratic Party strategy is to import millions of foreigners into America to become a massive voting group for Democrats. In essence, they want a one-party state where Republicans and independents will be a permanent persecuted minority without political power.

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