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Establishment GOP Abandons Nominated Candidate!

There are currently no current special elections taking place at the federal level that GING-PAC is involved in, but there is an important race in Virginia that all social conservatives should be concerned with.

GING-PAC Chairman William J. Murray and E.W. Jackson hold Government Is Not God bumper sticker at 2011 event in Virginia.

GING-PAC Chairman William J. Murray and E.W. Jackson hold Government Is Not God bumper sticker at 2011 event in Virginia.

My good friend Bishop E.W. Jackson won the Republican nomination for post of Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He won the nomination by an overwhelming vote during the GOP convention on May 18th of this year, but the Republican establishment, including the nominee for governor, Ken Cuccinelli, is pretending that Jackson isn’t on the ticket at all. None of the campaign literature for Cuccinelli mentions Jackson, and all campaign signs and bumper stickers omit Jackson’s name.

This is astonishing, because E. W. Jackson is one of the very few, if not only, rising stars in the GOP who is African-American. He served honorably in the U.S. Marines, received a B.A. degree from the University of Massachusetts and a law degree from Harvard Law School. Not once did he mention race on an application form or request special privilege because of his color. He entered Harvard not because of race, but because of ability.

After a successful career in law, Jackson studied theology and became a Baptist minister, and has written a well-received book, Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life, which was published in 2008.

The GOP establishment has not backed away from E.W. Jackson because of the color of his skin, but rather because his moral beliefs are just too Biblical for the party that now wants to attract those who are not socially conservative into its “big tent.” In 2009, Jackson founded STAND, (Staying True To America’s National Destiny), a group dedicated to restoring America’s founding values, which were based on Judeo-Christian principles. He has stood firmly for marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The GOP is running from Jackson’s stand against the legalization of homosexual “marriages” and his other conservative social views.

E.W. Jackson is a man of integrity whom I have known and worked with on projects for many years. He will make an excellent Lt. Governor of Virginia, but he needs our help and our prayers.                                                                      

GING-PAC is a federally chartered political action committee. Giving funds directly to the E.W. Jackson campaign would trigger filing requirements in the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, nothing stops you from supporting E. W. Jackson directly. You can give funds to the Jackson campaign on the Internet at his campaign site located at: www.jacksonforlg.com. An address where you can mail a check can also be found there. Please help this godly man today!


GING-PAC Endorses Florida Congressman Bill Posey: Government Is Not God Political Action Committee has endorsed Florida Republican Bill Posey for re-election in 2014. Posey is a strong social conservative with a consistent voting record on such issues as the right to life of unborn children and protecting the traditional family from being redefined by “gay” activists. I recently had lunch with Congressman Posey, and he assured me he would continue to fight social conservative values.

Congressman Posey has a 100% voting record from the National Right To Life Committee and a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. The ACLU considers him an enemy of their leftist objectives as well. The ACLU gave him a 0% for  his voting record on their issues. He is being targeted by the Democratic National Congressional Committee in the next election.

GING- PAC endorsed Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) has once again stood up for Christians in the military. In a statement just before the 4th of July, Congressman Forbes said, “There have been an increasing number of events, that when taken together, demonstrate a pattern of hostility towards religious freedom in the military.” Forbes is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. In one newspaper interview he said, ‘It is dangerous to cultivate an environment that implicitly or explicitly communicates to people of faith that they have the freedom to believe what they wish, but that those beliefs should not be reflected in the way they live their personal and professional lives.”

Examples of Forbes’ concern can be found. Tech Sergeant Layne Wilson has just learned what Christians can expect in Barack Obama’s new “gay” affirming Armed Forces. Wilson is a 27-year veteran of the Utah Air National Guard and has been punished for protesting a “gay” wedding in the West Point chapel.

Last December, Wilson sent an email to a person he believed was the chaplain at the chapel at West Point, expressing concern that the chapel was being used for “gay” weddings. For his principled stand, the Commandant of Cadets notified the Air National Guard, and Wilson was accused of bringing disgrace and discredit upon the Air National Guard.


GING-PAC endorsed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave a speech on the Senate floor recently, explaining to his colleagues why President Barack Obama should not arm Syrian terrorists to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. Cruz’s logic is very simple: We shouldn’t arm Islamic terrorists who wish to kill us.

GING-PAC endorsed Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is under attack by pro-abortion Senators for his attempt to protect the lives of unborn children. Rubio is co-sponsoring legislation to ban late-term abortions; the bill mirrors one passed by the House recently through the work of GING-PAC Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) of Arizona. Among those working the hardest to defeat the bill which was authored by Senator Tim Lee (R-UT), are pro-abortion activist Senators Patty Murray, Barbara Boxer, and Richard Blumenthal. All three are heavily funded by the abortion industry.


            Special elections can occur at any time in the House. There are 435 congressmen and all types of circumstances arise that cause them to leave office. So far there have been nineresignations in just seven months into the new two year term: two due to acceptance of private sector jobs, two due to political appointments, two due to a Senator’s death; one due to criminal prosecution/health issues; one due to acceptance of a university position and one due to a win in a special election. Five were Democrats and four were Republicans.  GING-PAC must be ready if there is a social conservative in a special election who can make a difference.

            Please help GING-PAC be ready to help fund godly candidates in these elections. 

William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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