June, 2012 Campaign Update

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CALIFORNIA – GING-PAC announces its endorsement of California Rep. Devin Nunes to another term in the House of Representatives. Nunes represents the 21st Congressional District of California and has been in office since 2003 but is now threatened because of radical changes to the congressional districts by the Democrats who control virtually all election processes in California.

Nunes is a strong social conservative and author of the 2010 book Restoring the Republic: A Clear, Concise, and Colorful Blueprint for America’s Future. The book deals with the destruction that is being done to our nation by radical leftists and what we must do to defeat them. Rep. Nunes sits on the House Ways and Means Committee and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

He has a solid pro-life voting record and opposes the radical gay agenda. He’s repeatedly received a 100% rating by the National Right To Life Committee and a 0% rating from the gay activist group Human Rights Campaign.  

SOUTH CAROLINA – GING-PAC has endorsed Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) for re-election to the House.  Wilson, as you may recall, gained nationwide notoriety during President Obama’s 2009 speech to a joint session of Congress. During the speech, Obama made the claim that the Obamacare health care bill would not benefit illegal immigrants. Wilson spontaneously shouted “You lie” and the liberal media went into a feeding frenzy over it.

Wilson was right. Obama was lying. Two years later, the Obama Administration gave $28 million to community health care centers. Of that, $8.5 million was given to centers that serve migrant workers. As Wilson told Fox News in 2011: “It is clearly providing money that should be going to American citizens to illegal immigrants. It’s even worse than I thought. They won’t even ask for status.”

Rep. Wilson is a courageous social conservative who has consistently fought for biblical principles Congress. He began his political career working on the staff of Senator Strom Thurmond. He also served in the Reagan Administration as Deputy General Counsel to the Secretary of Energy. Wilson served his country in the U.S. Armed Forces and later as a member of the South Carolina National Guard. His four sons currently serve in the Armed Forces.

Rep. Wilson’s voting record on a number of key issues of concern to social conservatives is outstanding. He has been given a 100% rating by the National Right To Life Committee for his pro-life votes, and a 0% rating from the National Abortion Rights League (NARAL).

To see the full list of House candidates please check at www.gingpac.org!    

FLORIDA – The despicable leftist “comedian” Bill Maher has recently sunk lower than we ever thought he could. Maher claimed recently that when Republicans greet Rep. Allen West (R-FL) in Washington, D.C. they probably say, “’Word, Allen, Word.’ Because that’s how they think black people talk.” Maher referred to the GOP as the “Party of the Apes.”

Congressman West expressed outrage at Maher’s racist comments. West stated, “Bill Maher and liberals like him are gravely threatened by a black conservative willing to stand up to their reckless agenda. Liberal policies have failed. They are cornered and desperate. Clearly, the liberal left will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on power.”

To show how desperate the Democrats are to destroy an outspoken black conservative, one of his opponents referred to him as a “coward.” Allen West served in combat zones as an Army Lieutenant Colonel. He served during both Iraq wars and in Afghanistan.  Congressman West is at the top of the hit list for the Democratic National Campaign Committee and they have vowed to spend whatever it takes to remove him.

Because of redistricting, Congressman West has been forced to change Congressional districts. Two-thirds of the voters he now faces were not within his former district lines. GING-PAC will run independent ads in Florida to support Allen West, with your help.


INDIANA – GING-PAC endorses Richard Mourdock for Indiana.

In the GOP primary, he defeated incumbent Senator Richard Lugar, who had served in the Senate for nearly 40 years. The “moderate” Sen. Lugar had fallen out of favor with social conservatives because of, among other things, his support of federal funding for embryo-killing research, his support for Obama’s Supreme Court nominees Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, and for his support for the free-speech killing McCain-Feingold law.  He had become an unreliable vote for social conservatives, and it was time for Lugar to go

Mourdock has received GING-PAC’s endorsement as a social conservative who will fight for Christian principles. He’ll also fight for limited government, a strong national defense and free market solutions to our nation’s economic mess – which was created in large part by Barack Obama

Mourdock previously worked in the business sector in the energy, environmental and construction industries. He has a Master’s Degree in Geology. He has also been active in Christian missions in Bolivia

NEBRASKA – GING-PAC endorsed Senate candidate Deb Fischer released an internal poll showing that she currently leads leftist Bob Kerrey by 58% to 33%. An earlier Rasmussen poll shows Fisher with an 18 point advantage

Deb Fischer is the antithesis of Bob Kerrey, who is a 1960’s radical leftist who formerly served in the Senate. Kerrey has lived in New York for the last 12 years and he’s now decided he wants to represent Nebraska again. Until 2011, Kerrey ran the New School (formerly known as the New School for Social Research). This college was founded in 1919 by a group of Fabian Socialists. These radicals were seeking to use “patient gradualism” to convert America into a socialist state.  The Fabian tradition lives on at the New School – and in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Nebraskans should reject the Fabian Socialist values of Bob Kerrey and elect Deb Fischer to serve in the U.S. Senate

HELP TODAY – Please use the form on the other side to send your contribution to GING-PAC to help candidates like those listed above. What happens in November actually does affect the future of our nation and of our descendants.



William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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