March, 2012 Campaign Update

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KEEPING RICK SANTORUM OUT IN FRONT – Imagine the Fox Business Channel running the presidential debate, and allowing nothing except the economy to be discussed on TV, radio or in newspapers.

Rick Santorum faith family freedomImagine the GOP presidential primary with no mention of the murder of thirty-five million babies under Roe v. Wade. Imagine the entire presidential primary going by with same-sex marriage as a given, and not a single word said against it by any candidate. Imagine forcing Christian pharmacists to hand out pills to induce abortion and not a single word said against it by a presidential candidate. Imagine Christian schools being forced by the government to hire atheist teachers and Jewish schools being forced to hire Muslims to teach religion, and there being no one running for president that said ‘no.” Imagine a presidential race where nothing but money mattered and no one even stepped forward to be critical of legalizing prostitution or drugs.  Imagine a presidential race where not a critical word was said of Islamic Sharia law.

Imagine all of the above and you would have a good vision of a presidential race without Rick Santorum.

Economic conservatives, just like libertarians and far left Marxists, do not believe that the family or religion is important to society. It is just all about money. The economic conservatives believe that this would be a great society with virtually no government and everyone taking their money and doing whatever they want to do with it, including buying the sexual services of poorer women and young boys. To them drugs are just another form of commerce that hurts no one.  Just ask Dr. Ron Paul … drugs are harmless. Ron Paul, as a doctor, knows that the majority of liver failures in the United States have something to do with drug use, but his ideology blinds him to the harm and death done to individuals and the destruction of families by drugs and prostitution. Libertarians and economic conservatives just don’t care about families, they don’t care if they fail or not, and they sure don’t mind gays adopting kids for cash.

Meanwhile socialists like Barack Obama want to actively work to destroy families. Strong families stand in the way of the socialist goal of having government to be father and mother to the people. Liberals believe in the central government utopian model. Remember Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes A Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us. The theme of the book was simple … families don’t raise good kids, governments do.

That is a summary of the two major positions in America. Economic conservatives who think money is the solution to all problems and that families don’t matter; and socialists who want to do away with families because they are in the way of establishing utopia on Earth.

Then there is Rick Santorum and we social conservatives.

Here is some sales talk: You can’t make a sale without telling people about the product. We social conservatives can never stop abortion in America unless we have high profile spokesmen telling Americans that babies in the womb are human beings.

Right now Rick Santorum is our main salesman. He is the guy out front saying that human life, the family and religious liberty are important. That message is coming across loud and clear and he is changing the minds and the lives of Americans with his message. The message Rick Santorum is delivering is more important than winning or losing. Telling the truth about the wrong direction of America can help to change our nation.

Can Rick Santorum beat Barack Obama? Yes. Voters will turn to Rick Santorum in November because he is different from Barack Obama. Independents will not vote for a Republican who is not much different from the Democrat.

Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting Barack Obama, raised $2 million in February including $1 million from television host Bill Maher. The same month GING-PAC raised $10,000. Sadly that is the case for most social conservative PAC’s.  Businesses fund economic conservative organizations that support Mitt Romney, not social conservative or pro-life groups. As the oldest social conservative political action committee, GING-PAC is in a position to really help social conservatives running for the House, the Senate and the White House – if we have the funds.

In March, Scott Cooper, a social conservative and Tea Party leader in Virginia, came forward to serve with me in the leadership of GING-PAC. Scott will serve as the executive director of our political action committee. Because of his grass roots Tea Party experience, he will bring new volunteers and a fresh look to Government Is Not God- PAC which has been the premier social conservative political action committee since 1994.

In the last three years Barack Obama and his administration have been at war with Christianity. His attorney general, Eric Holder, tried to control the employment practices of Christian schools. Obama has tried to use his medical insurance mandate to force Catholic groups to pay for contraceptives. Food pantries have been denied food from federal sources because people were seen praying before meals. Military chaplains have been told how to pray and at one point Bibles were banned from veterans’ hospitals. But, Obama stands with Muslims to build a super mosque at Ground Zero.

We can only stop Barack Obama’s war on Judeo-Christian values by replacing him with someone who shares our values.

It is my promise to you that Government Is Not God – PAC will work full time to defeat Barack Obama and his cronies in the Senate who want to “fundamentally change” the United States into their vision of a utopia – which may be a dream life for them, but will be a nightmare for the people of this nation.

This is the hard truth: GING-PAC needs help to fight the one billion dollars Barack Obama intends to spend, we need some real money as well. If everyone visiting this site each week would donate just $5.00 we would have tens of thousands of dollars to spend to defeat Barack Obama. Please consider a contribution of of just five bucks!     

William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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