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GING-PAC candidate Senator Cornyn wins GOP primary

It is not very often that GING-PAC endorses a candidate in a primary election unless there is a very clear choice of one social conservative. All too frequently, especially in open elections where there is no incumbent, more than one good social conservative is running for the office. In situations such as that, we stay clear.

GING-PAC endorses Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

GING-PAC endorses Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

In the Texas primary, which occurs early in the election cycle every two years, there was no choice but to get involved. I was in a state of total shock when GING-PAC endorsed Congressman Steve Stockman gave up his seat to run against GING-PAC endorsed incumbent Senator John Cornyn. I have known both men for decades and both are very strong social conservatives who love the Lord and stand for the sanctity of life and the protection of traditional marriage.

I was also shocked when Steve Stockman began his campaign by referring to Senator Cornyn as a liberal. He also put up phony Internet sites, one of which photo-shopped a picture of Senator Cornyn’s head into a photo of someone else, making it appear Cornyn was joking with Barack Obama. This was a very bizarre ad. Senator Cornyn is rated as the second most conservative Senator on Capitol Hill and has the full endorsement of the Right to Life organization and many other social conservative groups.

During January and February I met with Senator Cornyn and assured him of the support of GING-PAC. I also revoked the endorsement of Steve Stockman. That endorsement, which he had been bragging about, was for a House seat and not for Cornyn’s Senate seat.

In the March primary, Senator Cornyn won decisively with 59% of the vote. Steve Stockman received just 19% of the vote and other marginal candidates, one of which was a Libertarian, received the rest.  Steve Stockman’s entrance into the race forced Senator Cornyn to spend valuable time and money – millions of dollars – that could have been used to prepare for the General Election in November,

There is another sad downside to this story. Steve Stockman was a really great conservative congressman who could have risen in the ranks in the House and become an important chairman. He was in a safe Republican district in Texas and would have faced no primary challenges. Rather than attack Cornyn he could have used his skills to help elect other Republicans, not only in Texas but in other states as well. Instead, he will leave office at the end of December and return to his work as a lobbyist.


Congressman Jolly is sworn into office by the Speaker of the House

Congressman Jolly is sworn into office by the Speaker

Also in March, Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a special election for the Tampa, Florida area 13th district.  He nearly lost the election as Lucas Overly, a Libertarian, took nearly 5% of the vote. Jolly beat Sink by just two percent.

David Jolly will replace the late Rep. Bill Young, a true conservative who held the seat for more than twenty years. GING-PAC was not directly involved in this race but Jolly was actively supported by the National Right to Life Victory Fund in the Republican primary. Jolly states on his campaign website, “I believe life begins at conception and that we should encourage a culture that values life – from the unborn, to the young child abandoned by their parents, to the senior residing alone in a nursing facility.”

Conversely, Democrat Alex Sink is pro-abortion and supports ObamaCare. She was backed by EMILY’s List. EMILY’s List only supports radical pro-abortion candidates who advocate abortion-on-demand for any reason and who support taxpayer-funded abortions. This was a must-win for the radical left. Former president Bill Clinton was deeply involved in the race, helping Alex Sink, who formerly had run for governor and lost in 2010. Almost immediately upon her loss this time, she announced she would run for governor again.

GING-PAC did not get involved in this race and still has not endorsed David Jolly because of his early remarks on same-sex marriage, which seemed confusing. During debates he refused to hold a position, saying marriage was a state rather than federal issue. However, I believe that once sworn in he will vote with social conservatives. I will urge him to join the Prayer Caucus and see what his reaction is to that suggestion.


GING-PAC endorsed Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) delivered a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives highlighting the plight of Christians in nations overseas that have experienced systematic persecution at the hands of oppressive governments or in the absence of a functioning government.

Byrne said: “As a Judeo-Christian nation and the greatest force for good on the planet, our nation has a moral responsibility to contribute to ending Christian persecution. As the Christian communities in nations like Egypt, Iran, and Pakistan continue to be decimated, we cannot turn a blind eye to this injustice.”

Congressman Byrne also announced that he would join the International Religious Freedom Caucus, headed by Representative Trent Franks (AZ-8) who is also endorsed by GING-PAC.  This bipartisan caucus is made up of nearly 60 members of Congress committed to raising awareness and fighting for the right to freely worship across the globe.

GING-PAC endorsed Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) recently wrote a column for the National Review along with Senator Boozman (R-AK) on religious freedom and the need to strengthen the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which the Supreme Court has weakened. In that column he stated, “Freedom of conscience extends well beyond where a person spends Sunday mornings. It encompasses a person’s whole being — who he is, how he acts, and the daily decisions he makes. It can include nothing less than the way a person lives all aspects of her life, from her private life to her public life and commercial conduct.” The article is so powerful that every true friend of religious liberty should read it.


I need your help to be able to continue to support the kind of men and women who will truly represent our values on Capitol Hill. The media driven hype that there needs to be a “House cleaning” is flat wrong. We need to keep congressmen like Byrne and Forbes, and elect others to join them. That costs money. Please help me support people such as these who honor the Lord. The November election is getting closer and we are already sending checks to candidates. Donate today

William J. Murray, Chairman

Political Action Committee for Social Conservatives
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013


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