May-June 2010 Campaign Update

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We lost in Pennsylvania this time, but there is a rematch in November. This issue features races in Arkansas, Idaho, Hawaii and


     PENNSYLVANIA: Both “inside the Beltway” and Tea Party activists supported Tim Burns in the special election to take the seat of  Congressman John Murtha who died following complications of a rather simple operation in February. The Republicans were so sure that Burns could win the seat that the GOP spent over $900,000 in the election. Several buses with volunteers, mostly staffers of Republican congressmen, went to the 12th district the weekend before the vote to knock on doors for Burns. GING-PAC had endorsed Tim Burns in the May 18th special election.

     No one anticipated the Democrat, Mark Critz, who had worked as an aid to John Murtha, would run a campaign just as conservative as the Republican. Critz campaigned as pro-life and pro-gun, said he would have voted against Obamacare and even went as far as to say he may not vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Will he actually vote that way? Critz won with 53% of the vote. The GING-PAC candidate, Tim Burns had 45% in a district where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of two to one. The same day the GOP primary was held and Burns won, meaning there will be a rematch between Critz and Burns in November.

     ARKANSAS: The GING-PAC candidate in Arkansas 1st District, Princella Smith, lost in the primary election on May 18th to restaurant owner Rick Crawford with 72% of the vote. Princella Smith was one of a large number of African-American Republican candidates running this year. GING-PAC has supported three African-American Republicans so far including her. This was not a loss for social conservatives as both Smith and Crawford are strong pro-life, pro-family candidates. GING-PAC will move the endorsement to Crawford for the general election.

     IDAHO: Our candidate for one of two House seats in Idaho, Vaughn Ward, lost the primary on May 25th. Vaughn, a war hero who had also worked for the CIA fighting terrorism, had been recruited to run for the House by the Republican Party and was backed by many major social conservative organizations including ours. However, the winner, State Representative Raul Labrador has a perfect pro-life voting record in the Idaho Legislature. Raul supported Idaho’s constitutional amendment protecting marriage. He can beat the incumbent Democrat who won by less than 5,000 votes in 2008. Born in Puerto Rico, Labrador  is married and has five children.

    PRIMARY ELECTIONS IN GENERAL: The results above make it clear why Government Is Not God – PAC does not get involved in too many primary elections. While sometimes there is a clear difference, too often more than one candidate in a primary is a strong social conservative. As a result we tend not to get involved unless there are other factors such as Vaughn Ward’s powerful military record or Princella Smith’s  devoted volunteer work to the Mike Huckabee campaign. GING-PAC is involved in just a couple of the next round of elections on June 1st and June 8th.

     HAWAII: As I predicted in the last campaign update, two heavily funded Democrats knocked each other out, and allowed the election of Republican Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou in the congressional district Barack Obama grew up in. For the last twenty years the entire Hawaiian congressional delegation was Democrat. GING-PAC did not endorse Djou because he believes homosexuals should serve openly in the military and he had the support of several homosexual political action committees including the Log Cabin Republicans.


     A GOP SENATE?:  Just about every week I sit at a luncheon literally across the table from Senator Jim Inhofe, R-OK, who in my opinion is one of the great conservative heroes of our day. He believes not only that the Republicans can pick up several seats in November, but that they could actually win control. The GOP would have to pick up nine seats to tie, and ten to win control of the Senate. That is a mighty big change for the Senate. But there is new hope.

     The front runner in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, the state’s Democrat Attorney General, received five draft deferments, before joining the Marine Corps reserves in 1971. (Keep in mind how George W. Bush was ridiculed by the media for being a reserve officer during the Vietnam War.) Blumenthal was on active duty for just six months, all in the USA, but video clips have him stating: “We have learned something very important since the days that I served in Vietnam.” This was not the first time be claimed to be a Vietnam veteran. Since the revelation, he has dropped from a 24 point lead to a 3 point lead. While we will watch the race closely, GING-PAC will not support Republican Linda McMahon, a political unknown and an ex-wrestling executive, because of her social views. At her Internet site she says: “I am pro-choice; however, I oppose partial-birth abortion and federal funding of abortions unless the life of the mother is at stake.”

     CALIFORNIA: I have mentioned that I attended an event with former HP executive Carly Fiorina in her bid to win a Senate seat from left-wing nut Barbara Boxer in California. I was specifically at that event to talk to her about social issues and to see where she really stood on abortion and “gay” issues. She answered all my questions satisfactorily, but we did not endorse her because of some issues while she was heading HP.

     Since then Carly has been endorsed by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, “in recognition of her firmly pro-life values.” Carly has also received a high profile endorsement by Gov. Sarah Palin. Carly Fiorina is the only Senate candidate in California to make it clear at her Internet site that she is pro-life, believes life begins at conception and says marriage is only for one man and one woman. In light of these developments and the fact that she is now number one in the polls for the GOP nomination, GING-PAC is now endorsing Carly Fiorina for Senate in California.

Former congressman JD Hayworth and GING-PAC chairman william J. Murray     ARIZONA: I have great admiration for the service Senator John McCain has given this nation as does former congressman J.D Hayworth, who is running against him in the Arizona primary. GING-PAC is supporting J.D. Hayworth, and the current immigration mess in Arizona makes it clear why Senator McCain needs to retire. It was Senator McCain who just a few years ago introduced legislation to give amnesty to millions of illegals who have invaded our nation. Now McCain is on TV virtually every day telling Arizona voters that Obama needs to secure the border and get tough with the illegals. This is the same Senator McCain who wrote the “campaign finance” reform law that tied the hands of conservative organizations and allowed all the leftwing nuts to give as much money as they wanted to Barack Obama to become our first socialist president. (At left Photo of JD Hayworth and GING-PAC’s William J. Murray in May, 2010)


            To have impact in these races, particularly the general election this fall, GING-PAC must have funds. It is crucial that we have at least an additional $50,000 as primaries continue. Please send a check to help today, or give an online gift at      

William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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