Missouri Attorney General Challenges Leftist Sen. Claire McCaskill

Jul 30th, 2018 | By | Category: Candidates, U.S. Senate
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Josh Hawley is currently the Attorney General for the state of Missouri. He’s running against Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, who first entered the Senate in 2006. GING-PAC is endorsing his candidacy.

During her first run for the Senate, she defeated our good friend Congressman Todd Akin by smearing him over statements he made about abortion and rape on a radio interview. This one statement derailed his campaign and McCaskill is now in her second term in office. It may be her last. McCaskill is a loyal Obama cheerleader and Hillary supporter.

Josh Hawley is a social conservative and outspoken Christian who formerly worked as senior counsel for the Becket Fund For Religious Liberty. He argued and won the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court. Hobby Lobby had refused to abide by the abortion/contraceptive mandate of Obamacare and sued for relief.

He graduated from Yale Law School where he led a chapter of the Federalist Society. After his degree, he clerked at the U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit and at the Supreme Court of the United States. He is co-author of Theodore Roosevelt: Preacher Of Righteousness, which was published by Yale University Press in 2008.

Earlier this year, Hawley was interviewed by CBN and expressed his deep concern about the importance of religious liberty. He stated that religious liberty “rests at the very center of our Constitution and the reason for that is, religious liberty tells the government that there is a line that you may not cross. You cannot tell us what to think. You cannot tell us what to believe, who to gather with or who to worship.”

He continued, “I’m ready to serve the Lord, which is the most important thing and my wife and I—I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful woman who believes in the Lord Jesus with all her heart. We’ve got two little boys at home, and we feel like the Lord has called us to do our part in the public sphere, to stand for Him and to stand for the principles for which this country was founded.”


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