November, 2013 Campaign Update

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Bishop E.W Jackson lost while receiving more than one million votes – Over the past several months I have written several times about the off-year election in Virginia and my support of Bishop E.W. Jackson who won the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor of the state. Almost as soon as Bishop Jackson walked off the stage at the GOP state convention the left leaning media began their personal attacks on him, and the GOP establishment abandoned this fine man of God.

Over the course of several months the Democrat Party and its minions mailed flyers into black districts with the white Democrat nominee pictured alongside Barack Obama; these flyers said that Jackson had called Obama the antichrist — which was not true. Newspapers reported that he had lied about attending divinity school at Harvard University, when in fact he actually has a law degree from Harvard and did indeed take courses at the School of Divinity as well.

The GOP establishment furnished at least $10 million to Ken Cuccinelli, the candidate for governor, and handed E.W. Jackson a check for $10 thousand. In the end Cuccinelli spent over $15 million, while Jackson was able to raise and spend just $1.5 million. The result: Cuccinelli received a mere 33,000 votes more than Jackson.

Because GING-PAC only funds federal candidates, we did not directly support E.W. Jackson; however 107 GING-PAC supporters sent a total of $4,578 that I know of to his campaign.  More was probably donated online that I don’t know about.


GING-PAC chairman William J Murray and Senator Ted Cruz

GING-PAC chairman William J. Murray and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Senators to Obama: Work for release of American pastor from Iranian prison – GING-PAC supported Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading the effort of 23 Senators in urging Obama to call for the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini, the American pastor who has been jailed in Iran for “evangelism.”  He was recently moved to an even harsher prison further from Tehran. Pastor Saeed Abedini has been placed in a single cell with five death row inmates in Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj and is prevented from having any visitors, the American Center for Law and Justice said, raising further concerns that officials placed him there to “disappear.”

According to Sen. Cruz: “The President of the United States is in a unique position to focus international attention on the unjust and abusive detention of one of our citizens,” Sen. Cruz said. “There might also be an opportunity for administration officials participating in nuclear negotiatiolns in Geneva this week to raise the issue directly with their Iranian counterparts. Time is of the essence given Pastor Saeed’s current predicament.”

At-risk lying Senators lobby Obama to ‘fix’ Obamacare – A real opportunity lies ahead for GING-PAC, as more than a dozen Democrats who lied to their constituents when they voted for Obama’s socialist health care law, are facing re-election in 2014. Voters may be ready for some changes in the Senate, since an estimated 4 million Americans have lost their plans since the roll-out in October, and it is thought that 129 million more are at risk of losing their coverage when Obamacare is fully implemented. ObamaCare is in a horrid state of confusion except for one area where it is very efficient — the repression of Christian institutions and businesses. Christian employers are being forced to offer insurance to their employees for such things as “gender change” operations, which they find abhorrent.

Democrat Senators up for election in 2014 are fearful of losing their seats over the mess Obama has created, and we at GING-PAC will be watching the primaries in each of these states.

GING-PAC will be working to help men and women who love the nation and their God, so they can REPLACE the following 15 Senators: Mark Pryor, D-Ark., Mary Landrieu, D-La., Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., Mark Begich, D-Alaska, Kay Hagan, D-N.C., Chris Coons, D-Del., Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Al Franken, D-Minn., Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., Jack Reed, D-R.I., Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, Mark Udall, D-Colo., Tom Udall, D-N.M., Mark Warner, D-Va., and Michael Bennett, D-Colo. If any of these Senators are in your state, please make very sure to work in the GOP primary to have a godly, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage candidate nominated.


            Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) is currently not a GING-PAC endorsed candidate, but not because he does not qualify. Rather, GING-PAC simply does not have the resources to endorse every pro-life, pro-family man or woman currently in the Congress or running for it.

            Recently Congressman Johnson became rightfully outraged when the Air Force Academy removed the requirement for including the words “so help me God” when swearing a military oath to our nation.  As a result, he has introduced H.R. 3416, a bill that would require congressional approval prior to any change to Oaths of Office. In support of the bill he wrote the following, which I believe every American should read:

“Our Founding Fathers declared we are, “One nation under God,” and you better believe I’ll fight like mad to keep it that way. I can tell you from experience, there are no atheists in foxholes. We are the land of the free because of the brave. Many people don’t know this, but when you survive a near-death experience, you realize that the only thing you had to hold on to was your faith in God.

I spent nearly 7 years as a Prisoner of War (POW) in Vietnam – more than half of that time in solitary confinement. Our captors tried to break our spirits daily. One year, a group of POWs in the prison we dubbed the Hanoi Hilton decided to defy our captors and hold a church service. They hated that we found unity and strength in God and one another. As armed guards surrounded us, a fellow POW pounced onto the poor excuse for a bed and belted out the national anthem and “God Bless America.”

I remember how the magnitude of the moment and the magic of the music overpowered any illness or ache. For a fleeting time, we felt strong and faithful. It was truly the greatest gift each of us had during those endless days of torture, isolation, and starvation. It’s not only my experience, but that of my fellow POWs, veterans, and those currently in harm’s way that make “so help me God” vital to the oath. I urge my colleagues to join this effort to protect the legacy of freedom of religion.”

            Please contact your congressman and urge him to support Congressman Sam Johnson’s bill in defense of keeping “so help me God” in military oaths. Amazingly, so far he has only one co-sponsor to the legislation.

Please support the ongoing work of GING-PAC in funding the campaign efforts of committed social conservatives in the House and Senate. Help us take back the Senate! Donate to GING-PAC today!

William J. Murray, Chairman
Political Action Committee for Social Conservatives
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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