Sen. Cruz: Senate Democrats Treat Judge Kavanaugh & Dr. Ford Shamefully!

Sep 28th, 2018 | By | Category: Featured
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Watch Judge Kavanaugh’s powerful statement defending himself from leftist lies, smears, character assassinations, and more:

Sen Cruz Questions Senate Judiciary Democrats’ tactics during confirmation hearing process for Judge Kavanaugh

Yesterday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee participated in a hearing on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. There, he expressed his concerns over Senate Judiciary Democrats’ inaction and delay in handling the allegations presented before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and especially how this delay harmed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, their families, their reputations, and their personal lives.

“Judge Kavanaugh, you and your family have been treated incredibly poorly by Senate Democrats and by the media,” Sen. Cruz said. “Let me say also, I think Dr. Ford and her family have been treated incredibly poorly by Senate Democrats and the media. You have both seen your good names dragged through the mud. This has been sadly one of the most shameful chapters in the history of the United States Senate.” 

“What do we know? We know that her testimony and your testimony are in conflict. A fair-minded assessor of facts would then look to what else do we know when you have conflicting testimony.  “Well, we know that Dr. Ford identified three fact witnesses who she said observed what occurred. All three of those fact witnesses have stated on the record, under penalty of perjury, that they do not recall what she is alleging happening. They have not only not corroborated her charges, they have explicitly refuted her charges. That’s significant to a fair-minded fact finder. 

“In addition, you’ve walked through before this committee your calendars from the time. Now, I will say you were a much more organized teenager than I was — and than many of us were. But, it was a compelling recitation of night by night by night where you were in the summer of 1982. That is yet another contemporaneous piece of fact to assess what happened.

“And, we also know that the Democrats on this committee engaged in a profoundly unfair process. “The Ranking Member had these allegations on July 30th. And for 60 days — that was 60 days ago — the Ranking Member did not refer it to the FBI for an investigation. The Ranking Member did not refer it to the full committee for an investigation. The Ranking Member — this committee could have investigated those claims in a confidential way that respected Dr. Ford’s privacy.

“And, some of the most significant testimony we heard this morning as that Dr. Ford told this committee that the only people to whom she gave her letter were her attorneys, the Ranking Member, and her Member of Congress. And she stated that she and her attorneys did not release the letter. Which means the only people that could have released that letter were either the Ranking Member and her staff or the Democratic Member of Congress. Because Dr. Ford told this committee those are the only people who had it.

“That is not a fair process. We should look to the facts, not anonymous innuendo and slander.”

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  1. David in MA says:

    Well Senator, maybe it is past time that the Senate vote to remove these disruptive to the process persons from the Senate, start with one and others will either be more respectful, or the majority can vote to remove another person, it can be done, Constitutionally!
    AND, if the republicans do not stand up to these democratic socialists, AMERICA WILL BE LOST!

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