Sen. Lankford Praises Trump On Handling Border Invasion By Illegals

Nov 25th, 2018 | By | Category: Featured
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Senator James Lankford (R-OK) thinks that President Trump is doing the right thing in how he is handling the ongoing attempted invasion of our nation by well-organized and funded illegal aliens from Central America. The invasion must be stopped in its tracks in Mexico. All nations have the sovereign right to determine who enters their lands. Without borders, we have no country, which is what leftists want. Thank God we have commonsense men and women like Sen. Lankford in the House and Senate.

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2 Comments to “Sen. Lankford Praises Trump On Handling Border Invasion By Illegals”

  1. Brother Flood says:

    Stop the mob from coming into our country with water cannons and tear gas. W.W. II Veteran

  2. Roger Abraham says:

    Hooray Sen. Lankford!!
    For standing with president Trump on the ‘Immigration’ issue! All Americans need to stand with Trump to defeat the leftist extremism that’s trying to steal our way of life! Socialism will destroy the freedoms that we have had for almost a quarter of a century!

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