September 2008 Campaign Update

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In September GING-PAC endorses candidates for the House in Florida and New York. Inside information one why the Democrat controlled House is non-functional. In the Senate race Bob Schaffer is doing well.




the last 18 months the majority of Americans have blamed the Republicans for
the mess in Congress. As of August 1st most Americans believed the Republicans
were in charge of Congress. But thanks to radical left House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi that has changed. When she announced the she and she alone would block a
vote on offshore drilling to “save the planet” Americans started to wake up to
the fact that Republicans were not in charge regardless of a Republican being
in the White House. Just two months ago generic polls showed the Republicans
double digits behind Democrats. The latest Gallup Poll shows Republicans 5
points up! What a turn around and it has mostly to do with oil.


are fed up with the Obama – Democrat plan for energy which is NO to drilling,
NO to coal mining and NO to nuclear. The liberals promoted “wind power,” but
now oppose building power lines from the areas with a lot of wind to the big
cities, saying that they are “bad for the environment.” The liberal solution is
to raise the tax on energy, so people will use less of it.


after Congress returned from their summer break, the day after Labor Day, I had
lunch with Congressman Adam Putnam. He is Chairman of the House Republican
Conference and third in line in the House Republican leadership. The Conference
Chairman is charged with articulating his party’s message, and with building
the agenda for Republicans in the House. He was elected to lead the Republican
Conference by his fellow congressmen. This man knows what is going on.


Putnam told me that leftist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had scheduled
just 15 work days for the rest of year. That is 15 total works days between
Labor Day and the New Year. By the time you get this Campaign Update half of
those will be over! She scheduled so few days despite the fact that most of the
government’s funding bills, which are already months late, need to be passed.
Even bills to fund the military have not been passed. She has finally promised
a bill on “offshore drilling” but it is a joke. All drilling within 50 miles of
the shore will still be banned. That is where 90% of the oil is and she is
aware of that.


         The candidates we are supporting are
looking better every day to the electorate. Seats the Democrats thought they
were sure of winning are moving back to conservatives.


Lt Col Alan West          We are now very confident that our
candidate in Florida’s 22nd district will become the first black Republican in
Congress since J.C. Watts of Oklahoma resigned to go back to private business.
Lt. Col. Alan West retired  from the
military in 2004, and was a civilian advisory to the Afghan Army until 2007. In
his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times.


Col. West received a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army
Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received
his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm.


with all the candidates GING-PAC supports, I have spent one-on-one time with
Lt. Col. West and I can assure you that he is a pro-life social conservative.
His school age children attend a Christian school, and he is endorsed by
pro-life groups in Florida. GING-PAC has already sent funds to his campaign,
but you can help him directly. You can give contributions directly to the West
for Congress campaign at: .


Bob Straniere for Congress              Further north we have endorsed Bob
Straniere who is running for the House in New York’s 13th congressional
district. I talked at length with him and I asked him directly about his
pro-life credentials. He immediately told me he had run for state office on the
Pro-Life Party ticket and had the endorsements of just about every pro-life
organization and leader in New York. He is also endorsed by my good friend
Duane Motley, who heads New York’s Family Research Foundation.


research shows that Bob Straniere is one of the good guys, a real social
conservative leader who we need on Capitol Hill. Straniere is running for the
seat of Congressman Vito Fossella who is "retiring." Fossella is yet
another Republican figure who was caught up in the scandal days of former
Speaker Dennis Hastert. If elected, Bob Straniere will be the only Republican
congressman from New York City. This is a must win seat because he would be
“the” social conservative from New York City. 


Straniere has an extensive background in American government and politics,
serving as a member of the New York State Assembly for 24 years representing
the south shore of Staten Island. Bob served for 10 years (1995-2004) as the
Floor Leader for the Assembly Republican Conference and as the Assistant
Minority Leader. GING-PAC has sent funds to his campaign, but you can assist
directly at: .


House candidates we are funding are: Todd Akin of Missouri; Michele Bachmann of
Minnesota; Dr. Paul Broun of Georgia; Jim Jordan of Ohio; Bob Latta of Ohio;
Melissa Hart of Pennsylvania; Bill Sali of Idaho and Rob Wittman of Virginia.
In the last 30 days of the race we will assist others as well.




            Just a
few days before mailing this Campaign Update, I met once again with our Senate
candidate in Colorado, former Congressman Bob Schaffer who continues to
do well in the polls. This race is extremely important because it could help to
determine the outcome of the presidential race. Colorado is a key “battle
ground” and that is why the Democrats chose Denver for their Greek Temple
crowning of Barack Obama as king of all that is far fetched and meaningless.


Colorado Senate seat has been Republican for some time; however, hundreds of
thousands of liberal Democrats have fled the high taxes of California and moved
to Colorado. Now they want to make Colorado just like the state they fled.
Republican Wayne Allard has retired, making this an open seat. This is a must
win. GING-PAC will send additional funds to Bob Schaffer as they become




            As a
political action committee, GING-PAC can spend as much money as we can raise to
promote the election of the McCain/Palin ticket. Gov. Sarah Palin has changed
the character of this election and moved social conservatives back to the
Republican ticket. We love the selection of Gov. Palin and will do all we can
to assist the ticket.



William J. Murray, Chairman

Government Is Not
God – PAC

PO Box 77237,
Washington, DC 20013

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