September, 2011 – Campaign Update

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NEW YORK 9th  – We won a big one in New York. This district covering parts of the New York City borroughs of Queens and Brooklyn has historically been a safe Democratic stronghold. No Republican has won there since 1921, and Obama carried the district with 55% of the vote in 2008. Yet in the September 13th special election to replace disgraced Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, it was Republican Bob Turner who won against a Democrat opponent, state Assemblyman David Weprin, by an eight point margin.

Bob Turner and Mayor Koch

Bob Turner and Mayor Koch

Pundits are interpreting Bob Turner’s win as a repudiation of Obama and his policies because Weprin was a strong supporter of Obama.  But those commentators have concentrated only on the economic issues, unaware that social issues also play a big role in voters’ decisions. In the 9th District Jews, most of them Orthodox, make up 40% of the population and they see the Obama administration as dangerously anti-Israel. Weprin’s open support of Barack Obama hurt him in this area. Even the Jewish former mayor of New York, Ed Koch, a life-long Democrat, enthusiastically endorsed Bob Turner who is a staunch defender of Israel. 

The recent legalization of same sex marriage in New York also played a big part in the defeat of the Democrat candidate in the 9th District.  This is obvious from the fact that Republican Bob Turner also got the endorsement of a popular Democrat Assemblyman, Dov Hikind, who is an Orthodox Jew.  Hikind told the New York Post that he was upset with Weprin’s vote in the state Assembly for gay marriage.

Turner was also willing to stand against Islamic supremacy, as Weprin was not. Bob Turner ran a controversial TV ad in which he opposed the Ground Zero Mosque and at the same time ran a video clip in which Weprin said he approved of it.  The Democrat establishment screamed about “intolerance” and “Islamophobia” but a majority of voters evidently liked what they heard. 

The 9th District race may be a barometer showing that Obama and the ultra liberals like Weprin have just moved the party too far left, not only economically but socially, for some parts of the Democratic base. 

GING PAC did endorse Bob Turner in the final weeks before the election. Although he was a conservative pro-life Catholic and stood against same-sex marriage, we were concerned by his employment in the past which included  acting as a producer of TV shows like the Jerry Springer Show and Sally Jessy Raphael Show.  However, when Turner began to run television ads against the Ground Zero mosque, he won us over. At age 70 he appears to have left behind his associations with bad TV. Bob Turner will serve only one year, since the congressional district he won in this special election is being eliminated as three New York seats are moved to Florida and Texas.

NEVADA  2nd – There was an even more overwhelming win for the Republican candidate, Mark Amodei over the Democratic challenger, state Treasurer Kate Marshall.  This race got less attention though, since the 2nd District has gone Republican ever since it was created by redistricting in 1980.  The voters are fed up with Obama and the status quo, but then everyone already knew that.

OREGON 1stThis primary will not be until November 8th and the actual special election is January 31,2012.  The winner will serve only a few months and will have to immediately begin to campaign for reelection in November of 2012.  This congressional seat was previously held by David Wu, who like Weiner, resigned in disgrace very early in his term. At one point Wu’s entire staff in Washington resigned, seeing their association with him ruining their careers.   

The Oregon race is an opportunity for a Republican to win despite its liberal tendencies. Businessman Rob Cornilles, who ran unsuccessfully against Wu in the 2010 general election, has emerged as the leading Republican candidate going into the primary. Cornilles, a Mormon, has no mention on his website of any social issues, just economics and defense.

What our candidates are doing now

Senator Marco Rubio, whom GING PAC supported, has continued to drive liberals totally nuts by stepping on their icons, like big government and entitlements. The libs are deathly afraid young voters and Hispanic voters will listen to Rubio’s articulate defense of conservative values. In a speech at the Reagan Presidential Library in California last week, Rubio said that our Big Government safety net “…has actually weakened us as a people.” He pointed out that, “We used to be a people where parents raised and cared for children, then those children cared for their aging parents.  Where neighbors cared for neighbors.”  Even the suggestion of a reduction in government dependency drove frenzied MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz to call Rubio’s speech “psycho talk.”

Congressman Alan West (R-FL) continues to be a politically incorrect hero in Congress just as he was while a colonel in the Army serving in Iraq. While many religious leaders were urging Americans to love Muslims on the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 jihad attack, Congressman West and the Christian Action Network reminded the public that there is still continued opposition to the Ground Zero mosque.

On September 7th, surrounded by the families of seven 9/11 victims, in a congressional office building here on Capitol Hill, West spoke against the mosque and Islamic center being erected where parts of one of the aircraft actually landed. He compared the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to the Pearl Harbor bombing: “If 10 years or nine years after Pearl Harbor, if the country of Japan had come to the United States of America and said ‘we want to erect a memorial to Japanese naval seamanship at Pearl Harbor,’ what would have we said?” he stated. “I think that along that same parallel, that’s what we see here.”

GINGPAC supported Allen West in 2008 when he first ran and again in 2010 when he won the seat in a majority Democrat district in Florida.


             The new leader of Libya declared this week that the new government birthed by President Barack Obama and European leaders would have Sharia law. Mustafa Abdel Jalil said, “We seek a state of law, prosperity and one where Sharia is the main source for legislation, and this requires many things and conditions.” Just a few days later the Israeli embassy was invaded by jihadists as Egyptian police looked the other way. The situation was so dire that Prime Minister Netanyahu called President Obama asking him to talk the Egyptians into protecting the embassy staff, which the Egyptians begrudgingly did.

The former Libyan dictator, Moammar Gadhafi, ran a secularist government under which Islamic radicals were suppressed. This was also the case in Egypt before President Obama ran off long time secularist President Mubarak. Presently President Obama has his sights set on the overthrow of the last secularist government in the Middle East, that of Syria. While Syria is not a utopia, it is the last place in the region where Christians are safe.

The ancient churches of the Middle East and Africa are being destroyed. President Barack Obama may be an economic disaster for the United States, but he is an even greater threat to the Christians living in predominately Muslim nations. He must be defeated in 2012. Barack Obama plans on spending $1 billion to be re-elected. To stop him we need your help. Please help us build up our war chest this month to defeat Barack Obama and elect social conservatives to Congress.     

 William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013


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