September 2014 Campaign Update

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          Five GING-PAC endorsed congressmen speak out against aid to Islamic fighters – On September 17th, Speaker Boehner led the House of Representatives to pass a bill to provide money to Obama for the training of Syrian “rebels” (Christian killing thugs), and to continue funding for Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

          Congressman Louie Gohmert delivered a dynamic floor speech against funding “vetted” Syrian rebels, noting that in 2012 the Administration was assisting members of the ISIL that were “vetted.” Now Obama demands money to give to a different group of “vetted” rebels to fight those rebels the United States “vetted” and armed before. Michele Bachmann, Trey Gowdy, Dr. John Fleming and Jim Jordan were among those voting NO to this blank check for Obama’s plan to train one group of Syrian terrorists to allegedly fight ISIL terrorists in Syria.

          In voting no, Congressman Gohmert noted: “Because Libya fell, so did Algeria and Tunisia and it jump-started, as I have said before, the new Ottoman Empire, the new caliphate that the Muslim brothers and so many of the radicals are saying they are going for. One of the big problems, too, when we go in and train, as this President wants to do for the Syrians, they learn our tradecraft. “They use it against us, as they did at Benghazi.”

Congressman Fleming stated: “I am opposed to the president’s vague and inadequate strategy for dealing with ISIL; and, therefore, I rise in opposition to this amendment. If we are going to degrade and destroy them [ISIL] it will not happen through an indecisive strategy that relies on unreliable and largely unknown help from Syrian rebels, whose own motivations and goals are mixed, and almost impossible to be certain of.”

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) was established as a paid mercenary force of the Saudi royals, who are Sunni Muslims, to overthrow the secular leaning Shia government of Syria. In the past they deliberately targeted Christian schools in Damascus and Jaramana, Syria with the pure intent of murdering Christian children.

          Senator speaks out against arming “rebels” – Senator Rand Paul, whom GING PAC assisted in his campaign for the Senate, argued fiercely against arming the so-called Free Syrian Army to fight the ISIL, noting that its leadership had said the day before that it would use any weapons it was given as they pleased, and plainly stating that their primary goal was the defeat of the secular government of Syria.
Senator Paul pointed out in his speech against further funding:
“We must protect ourselves from radical Islam, but we should never, ever have armed radical Islam, and we could make it worse by arming it more today! We have enabled the enemy we must now confront.”

          GING-PAC endorsed Senator gives answers on terror – Senator Rand Paul is not GING-PAC endorsed, but he works closely with the Religious Freedom Coalition, of which I am also chairman, to stop the continued funding of groups and nations that are purging the Middle East of Christians. On this issue Senator Paul has worked with GING-PAC Senator Ted Cruz in many instances. Just this month Senator Cruz laid out the steps to stop Islamic terrorism:

First and foremost, Washington should finally resolve to make border security a top priority finally, rather than an afterthought, of this plan in light of concerns about potential ISIS activities on our southern border, cited in a Texas Department of Public Safety bulletin reported by Fox News.

Second, Congress should make fighting for or supporting ISIS an affirmative renunciation of American citizenship. Numerous Americans have joined ISIS along with hundreds of others from the European Union.

Third, we should do everything possible to make ISIS understand there are serious ramifications for threatening to attack the United States and for killing American civilians. While damaging ISIS’ financial assets is certainly a part of this action, because of the very nature of ISIS, the response must be principally military.


           New endorsement in Louisiana – During a chance meeting on Capitol Hill this month I met Dr. Trey Thomas, candidate for the 6th congressional district in Louisiana. He was introduced to me by Star Parker, one of the most influential conservative activists in the African-American community.

          There are an astonishing 14 candidates in the “gorilla primary” in November, and it is my understanding that 9 are Republicans. The top two will be in a run-off in December. Featured at Trey Thomas’ Internet site are statements that guide his life, including this one:
“I believe that marriage in the sight of God is between a man and a woman. I believe life begins at conception with full life functions such as feeling pain achieved well before birth and should be protected as such.”

          I spent some time with Trey Thomas and I was impressed by his sincerity and his care about the direction of our nation. For nearly two decades Government Is Not God – PAC has sought out qualified, pro-life, pro-traditional family candidates in the African-American community.
Many African-Americans are not going to listen to a conservative message from a white rich guy like Mitt Romney, but a heartfelt message from someone such as Trey Thomas can make a difference in their lives and a difference in voting patterns. More social conservatives such as Trey Thomas need to be supported by conservative political action committees and by the Republican National committee.

          GING-PAC incumbents under fireCongressman Steve Southerland of Florida is a powerful pro-life, pro-family voice in the House. He has previously won in a predominantly Democrat district in Florida that is socially conservative. He is now on the Democrat Party top ten hit list, and Nancy Pelosi and her crew are leading an expensive fight to knock him out. Southerland is one of several GING-PAC congressmen targeted by the far left.

          Republican leaders who early this year bragged about obtaining a majority in the Senate and increasing the lead in the House are strangely silent. Their plan to campaign only on economic issues is once again failing. If conservatives are going to hold the House and gain the Senate, it will be because of the social conservatives such as those GING-PAC supports.
Please support the ongoing work of GING-PAC in funding the campaign efforts of committed social conservatives in the House and Senate.

William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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