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Air Force Punishes Christian Even Though Probe Cleared Him

Mar 30th, 2017 | By

U.S. Air Force officials at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas have been warned by a law firm that they need to withdraw punitive notations from an officer’s personnel file concerning his view of homosexual behavior or face legal action, because they were added on the whim of another officer.

Obama Navy To Name Ship After ‘Gay’ Child Molester

Jul 30th, 2016 | By

Attention on the poop deck. It seems our “first gay president” intends to “milk,” with pride, his fetish for all things “LGBT” in the closing months (mercifully) of his catastrophic presidency. USNI News (U.S. Naval Institute) reports that the Obama Navy presumes to ram, without consent, the most reprehensible aspects of the extremist homosexual political agenda.

Obama Willingly Met Islamic Preacher Who Said Gays Are ‘Forbidden’ by Koran

Jun 28th, 2016 | By

Being a homosexual “is an immoral act, it is a shameful act, it is despised act, it is haram, it is forbidden in Islam, completely, absolutely, from the Koran, the Hadith [recorded statements from Islam’s reputed founder, the leader Muhammad) and by consensus of the scholars from the beginning of Islam,” says Imam Yaseen Shaikh, who was hired in to serve as the head of Islamic teaching or Islamic “scholar” for the Islamic Society of Baltimore and its nearby Al-Rahmah school.

Obama Poses For ‘Gay’-Magazine Cover

Nov 11th, 2015 | By

He may have only “evolved” in favor of “gay” marriage when it was politically expedient, but President Obama has made LGBT history. OUT magazine photographed Obama for the cover of its 2015 “Ally of the Year” issue. The decision made him the first U.S. president to accept such an offer from an LGBT publication. See WND’s…

Four GING-PAC Endorsed Senators React Against Supreme Court ‘Gay’ Marriage Edict

Jun 30th, 2015 | By

“I continue to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. The Supreme Court’s overreach into decisions that should be made by states and the people living and voting in them is disappointing. Moving forward, we must ensure families and religious institutions across America are not punished for exercising their right to their own personal beliefs regarding the traditional definition of marriage.”

GING-PAC Endorsed Politicians React To Supreme Court ‘Gay’ Marriage Ruling

Jun 27th, 2015 | By

“It is a tragic and ominous day for the United States when a decision by five unelected justices of the U.S. Supreme Court blatantly violates the law in order to destroy the foundational building block for society provided by Nature and Nature’s God – that was stated as divine law by Moses and Jesus. Our nation has been blessed with liberty, opportunity, power, and individual prosperity beyond any other nation in history. Both Moses and Jesus stated that it was God’s law that ‘a man will leave his father and mother and a woman will leave her home and the two will come together as one.’ That defined marriage.

Religious Liberty And The LGBT Categorical Imperative

Jun 26th, 2015 | By

Senator Mike Lee’s June 11 religious liberty proposals at Hillsdale College’s Washington, DC, Kirby Center (speech text and video here) will have limited effect against increasingly aggressive LGBT agendas. Countering viciously self-righteous LGBT orthodoxy will demand exposure of this movement’s bankrupt, inverted sexual morality and a more critical tone than suggested by an overly generous Lee.

GING-PAC Lawmakers In Film About Religious Freedom Threats From HomoFascists

Apr 6th, 2015 | By

“Light Wins: How To Overcome The Criminalization Of Christianity,” a soon-to-be released film from Faith2Action, features numerous GING-PAC endorsed lawmakers speaking out for religious liberty and freedom of conscience. The enemy of the church in America is the cabal of homosexuals, drag queens, and transsexuals who are suing Christian bakers, photographers, and pizza restaurants to force Christians to violate their religious beliefs about the sin of homosexuality.

Good Riddance: Sen. Harry Reid To Retire

Mar 27th, 2015 | By

Well, finally some good news out of Washington, D.C. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is going to retire in 2017. The bad news is that he’ll still be causing trouble in the Senate for the next 22 months.

Leftist BuzzFeed Spills Beans On Jeb Bush’s Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage Advisors

Mar 2nd, 2015 | By

To an extent that would have been unthinkable in past elections, one of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination has stocked his inner circle with advisers who are vocal proponents of gay rights.