URGENT: Help Needed In Special Election In Arizona

Jan 28th, 2018 | By | Category: Featured, Candidates, House of Representative
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By GING-PAC Chairman William J. Murray

In December of last year my good friend Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) resigned his seat, in my opinion unnecessarily. He was accused of “sexual harassment” because of a comment he made years ago when he and his wife were searching for a surrogate to carry a child for them.

I happen to have been in his office along with some others and heard the comment in question when he said he would “pay five million dollars” to someone for help. Believe me his comments were not meant literally and were not sexual harassment, although anything can be twisted by someone who wants to benefit from another person’s misfortune.

PROBLEM: We need to replace Trent Franks who was the chairman of the International Religious Freedom Caucus and one of the greatest advocates for issues important to social conservatives such as charter schools, school choose, adoption and of course anti-abortion.

ANSWER: Arizona State Senator Steve Montenegro who at one time served on the staff of Congressman Franks. Senator Montenegro has been on the forefront fighting against abortion on demand and for traditional family values in both the Arizona State legislature and in the State Senate.

Senator Montenegro holds an Associate of Arts in Theology from CBAN and Logos Christian University and currently serves as an Assistant Pastor/Youth Pastor at the Surprise Apostolic Assembly. He is also a trustee of the Arizona Christian University. His father is also a well-respected pastor. His parents immigrated to the United States legally when Steve was five years old.

Senator Montenegro has been a leader since first being elected to the State legislature in 2008. He served as the Majority Leader of the GOP in his second term and was Speaker pro-tem at one point. He is one smart guy and a rising star in the GOP.

Government Is Not God – PAC has endorsed Senator Montenegro in the Arizona 8th district special election on February 27nd. I urge you to go to his Internet site and donate to day to help elect him. I look forward to working with him on important issues of religious freedom and social issues once he is here. Donate today at www.SteveMontenegro.com.

And please help GING-PAC elect Steve Montenegro and more like him to Congress! There will be other special elections this year and an important general in November.


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