June, 2011 Campaign Update

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Craig Huey for Congress

Craig Huey

CHRISTIAN ACTIVIST SURPRISE WINNER IN CALIFORNIA – In the 36th District, GING PAC supported candidate Craig Huey has surprised the political establishment with his second place finish in the primary election, where he faced a field of more than a dozen contenders.  He will now face Democrat Janice Hahn, a powerful Los Angeles City Councilwoman, in the July runoff election. Almost everyone expected the runoff to be between Janice Hahn and another Democrat, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

Huey faces an uphill battle in a district that is 45% Democrat and only 27% Republican.  Yet even the fact that a Christian conservative activist came in second in the 36th District Primary was called “shocking” by Reuters, and a “major upset” by the Los Angeles Times, and has definitely sent shock waves through the ranks of the Democrat establishment.  Craig is a successful small businessman who employs around 100 people in his advertising, publishing and consulting business.  He publishes a voter guide for values voters as well as running several websites to help conservative Christian voters stay informed.  Craig is also a frequent talk show guest, and very active in his local church and charity work.

Janice Hahn, the candidate he faces in the July runoff, promotes the usual anti-biblical, anti family liberal agenda.  She hopes to win by promising people something for nothing, which is usually a successful ploy in working class areas.  Hahn is promising a plan to create 25,000 new “green” jobs in the district, by getting the federal government to “invest” billions in green technology.  Trouble is, the government has no money to “invest” and the Chinese don’t want to lend us any more than they already have. Worse, the green technology pushed by the Obama administration has so far proved to be nothing but a big boondoggle.

Craig Huey is for real job creation, fiscal sanity and a return to biblical values. He has the endorsement of several prominent conservative Congressmen, including Mike Pence and Dana Rohrabacher, and is also strongly endorsed by many area pastors and local politicians.

I have met Craig Huey, and GING PAC is supporting his runoff campaign. Please help this true conservative win the July runoff and make it all the way to Congress! Funds can be donated to Craig Huey at his Internet site: www.craighuey.com

FAKE TEA PARTY CANDIDATE IN NY SPECIAL A lot of people in the 26th District of New York, one of the state’s most conservative areas, are probably kicking themselves and wondering how they wound up with a flaming liberal Democrat like Kathy Hochul in the special election held on May 24.  This was supposed to be a given for Republican candidate Jane Corwin, who had the endorsement of the Conservative Party, the Tea Party Express, and National Right to Life, among others.  Liberals nationwide, after the trouncing they took last fall, were ecstatic about the outcome.  The Huffington Post called Hochul’s win “extraordinary and unexpected.”

The news media portrayed Hochul’s win as a rejection by voters of Republican efforts to reform Medicare as outlined in Congressman Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future.  What really sank Corwin on election day was the 9% of the vote that went to a self-proclaimed “Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis.”  The Tea Party Express and National Right to Life made great efforts to inform voters that Jack Davis was not endorsed by them and was only trying to divide the conservative vote.  Davis had run three times before as a Democrat candidate and lost but still got on the ballott as a Tea Party candidate!  How he did this lies in the lax New York election rules which allow anyone who can collect just a few thousand names on a petition to create a new political party in a district.

Multi-millionaire Davis spent more than $2 million of his own money, and with the aid of a shrewd lawyer collected 12,000 signatures and formed the Tea Party Coalition.  The real Tea Party in that area, the Tea Party Express, cried foul and tried to warn voters, but it was too late.  Many very conservative but uninformed voters unknowingly voted for a man who had been a big contributor to Democrat candidates and had even bragged about helping to give Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats a majority in the 2006 election. As a result of his efforts the pro-life candidate lost to Kathy Hochul, a big spending, pro-gay agenda, pro-abortion Democrat.



To help insure that the will of the people is accurately reflected by future election results, thirteen states with Republican controlled statehouses have in the last two months enacted laws to tighten up voter requirements.  Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and South Carolina have joined eight other states which now require photo identification to vote.  Democrats are steamed about the new measures which they say will pose too much of a hardship (especially to illegal aliens).  However, any citizen who does not have a driver’s license can request a free photo ID card from the state Department of Motor Vehicles.  Some other states which are tightening up their regulations include Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If your state does not require photo ID to vote, demand it!



TED CRUZ: A TEXAS SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE – Out of a large field of contenders who want the Senate seat of retiring Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, we are especially watching Ted Cruz, who is emerging as the favorite of social conservatives.  The son of Cuban immigrants who escaped Castro’s communist dictatorship, Ted took full advantage of the opportunities this country offers. He earned a degree from Harvard Law School and clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist, and then after serving two years in the George W. Bush administration, he returned to Texas where he became Texas Solicitor General.

Ted has always been a social conservative.  As Solicitor he argued a case called Van Orden v. Perry before the Supreme Court, in which he defended the right of the state of Texas to display the Ten Commandments.  Until now the front runner in the primary field has been fellow Republican Tom Leppert, the Mayor of Dallas, who has raised more money than Cruz, and has also chipped in 1.6 million of his own money.  Social conservatives oppose Leppert, who as Mayor of Dallas used to march in Gay Pride parades.  GING PAC has not yet committed to back Cruz, but he seems a very promising candidate.

SENATOR INHOFE FIGHTING BLASPHEMY LAWS – GING PAC has supported Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma through several elections.  This month he authored the hard hitting S. Res. 150 “Calling for the protection of religious minority rights and freedoms in the Arab world.”  The Senator detailed several prominent murders of Christians and church burnings that have happened in the last few months, and he calls upon the United States to protect the freedoms and rights of religious minorities. Since blasphemy laws often lead to this violence, the Resolution “urges in the strongest terms that the United States Government lead the international effort to repeal existing blasphemy laws.”

When you help GING-PAC elect men and women to Congress such as Senator Jim Inhofe or a congresswoman such as Michele Bachman, you are helping to steer America in the right direction. With your help, GING-PAC can make a difference in special elections as they occur. Please donate this month, and visit our site for almost daily updates at www.gingpac.org.

William J. Murray, Chairman


Political Action Committee For Social Conservatives

P.O. Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

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