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GING-PAC Senators Call For Investigation At The National Science Foundation For Improper Social Justice/Political Activism

Jun 21st, 2018 | By

GING-PAC endorsed U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY), James Lankford (R-OK), and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) this week requested National Science Foundation (NSF) Inspector General Allison Lerner investigate the NSF’s grant-making process, relaying their concern that the NSF has “issued several grants which seek to influence political and social debate rather than conduct scientific

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June, 2011 Campaign Update

Jun 9th, 2011 | By

This June campaign update includes information on special elections in New York and California. In California 36 GING-PAC endorsed candidate Craig Huey ran second in a crowded field to win a runoff slot in what was a Democrat district. Up in New York a Democrat running on a fake Tea Party ticket acted as a spoiler allowing a Democrat to win a traditional Republican seat. Senate election updates as well in this issue include information on Ted Cruz in Texas, an up and coming star in the GOP who is 100% social conservative.

July – August Campaign Update

Aug 7th, 2008 | By

More on the Washington Times bigotry toward "white" evangleical Christians as they push for Mitt Romney as VP. Will McCain pick Eric Cantor? More on the Senate and House races we are involved in.

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