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Aug 7th, 2008 | By | Category: Newsletters
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More on the Washington Times bigotry toward "white" evangleical Christians as they push for Mitt Romney as VP. Will McCain pick Eric Cantor? More on the Senate and House races we are involved in.



Washington Times is supposed to be “our” newspaper, the only true
pro-Republican conservative newspaper in the nation. However, during the
primary the paper just seemed to go bonkers over Mitt Romney.  Apparently the "latter day" roots
of the Washington Times have taken it to new depths in attacking
"white" evangelicals. Few know that the newspaper was founded by cult
leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon who served time in a federal pen for tax evasion
during the Reagan years. His Unification
requires members
to sign all their earthly belongings over to it and the result is great wealth,
the kind of wealth that can found newspapers. Moon portrays himself as the last
of the “latter day” prophets. This could explain the vehemence against
evangelicals as the Washington Times shamelessly promotes Mitt Romney, a member
of another religion with a "latter day" prophet, as their choice
first for president and now for McCain’s VP.


Sunday, August 3, 2008 editorial in the Times bitterly labeled "white
evangelicals” as bigots for trying to block Mitt Romney as McCain’s VP choice.
This despite the fact that during the primary election about one-third of
evangelicals voted for Romney, and only about forty percent for evangelical
leader Mike Huckabee. This few points of advantage for Huckabee over Romney
provided the proof for the Washington
Times editorial staff that "white evangelicals” are bigots. On the other
hand, 93% of Mormons having voted for Mitt Romney showed no bias at all


real bigots sit on the editorial board of the Washington Times. They simply
dislike  evangelicals and conservative
Catholics, while favoring the economic conservative wing of the Republican
Party, the wing exemplified by American Tax Reforms’ Grover Norquist who is
married to a Muslim and also maintains a vile hatred of evangelicals. For
Norquist, a dollar is a dollar regardless of how much blood is on it, and that
is how the big international companies are run today; there is no room for


bigotry in the conservative establishment against evangelicals is not confined
to the editorial board of the Washington Times. Big businesses that support
Republican candidates want nothing to do with the “pro-life nuts,” which
translates to evangelicals and conservative Catholics. How can the Republican
Party survive, when its own leadership and conservative publications such as
the Washington Times direct hatred against social conservatives who represent a
sizable portion of the base of the party? Who do they think will replace the
evangelicals? The followers of Osama bin Laden or perhaps the animal rights
nuts who recently tried to murder the families of scientists in California? Maybe
homosexual activists or open boarder advocates?


reality: the constant attacks on evangelicals by the Washington Times and
conservative columnists such as Bob Novak show a political party in its
suicidal death throes.


Times editorial board and the economic conservative wing of the Republican
Party seem to desperately want the return of Richard Nixon from the grave along
with his drunken profane rants, as the example the party should follow. The
party as Nixon knew it might win an election for dog catcher in Las Vegas now, but
nothing on a national scale.  Without a
coalition that includes evangelical Christians, the GOP is RIP.



inhofe_wjm_sm.jpg            The
primary is over in Oklahoma
and Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) won big. His likely opponent, state
senator Andrew Rice was supposed to win big as well, but something went wrong.
Rice won with 60% of the vote after spending nearly a million dollars, but a
“perennial candidate” who spent less than $5,000 got the other 40% of the vote.
This is good news for Senator Inhofe who is our candidate! Senator Inhofe is
the man who took on Al Gore’s entire “green agenda,” and who has fought Senator
Barbara Boxer tooth and nail as she has tried to ram though legislation that
would cripple the middle class of this nation. (At left William J Murray and  Senator Jim Inhofe.)


congressman Bob Schaffer is now doing very well in the polls in Colorado, with John
McCain moving up as well. When I last wrote about Schaffer, Barack Obama was
leading in Colorado
by several points — but that has changed along with the price of gas. There
are huge shale oil deposits in Colorado
that the Democrat Congress has put off limits for drilling. Thousands of jobs
and millions in tax revenue is being denied Colorado by the anti-energy Democrats. This
is helping both Bob Schaffer and John McCain in Colorado. As of August 1st, McCain led Obama
by several points in Colorado.
As we raise more funds, we can send Bob Schaffer several thousand dollars more
because our federal limit has not been reached as yet with him..


three days before the filing date for the primary, Woody Jenkins dropped out of
the Louisiana
6th primary after losing by only a few votes the special election to replace
Richard Baker. Jenkins had become a “national” candidate, and had the far left
gunning for him because of his outspoken social conservative views. Also, he
had “upset the cart” by forcing Louisiana
to make it harder for dead people to vote, after voter fraud caused him to lose
his Senate race six years ago. GING-PAC was heavily invested in Jenkins.

likely candidate is now Dr. Bill Cassidy. A state Senator, he had turned down
requests to run in the special election to replace Baker, who had held the seat
for three decades. After Jenkins withdrew, Dr. Cassidy decided to enter the
race to avoid losing the seat for decades to come. He is a social conservative
committed to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, lower
taxes, and the right to bear arms. We are taking a close look at his campaign
and may support him.

of our other candidates are doing very well including Melissa Hart in Pennsylvania and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. There are several other good
social conservative candidates for the House we are looking at closely and will
begin issuing checks to approved candidates in September. Right now GING-PAC is
conserving and raising cash to use just before the general election in the most
crucial races.

            I just
love to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC political news. All the panels have
only one subject: “Why isn’t Barack Obama ten points ahead of McCain?” The
media refers to itself as the “intelligencia” and believes that of course
“Obama should win” because of the “bungling” of George W. Bush. McCain is
virtually never mentioned. One newscaster said, “The election is about Obama,”
and that I agree with. It is because the election is about Obama’s radical
views and his association with radicals and racists that he will lose. The
Democrats may have picked the only candidate that can’t beat John McCain.

     MEANWHILE: GING-PAC needs your help. Right now we are "keeping our powder dry" and raising funds for September and October. The only check we issued in August so far was for $500 more to the Bob Schaffer in Colorado for him to post before the primary. It was important for him to have as much on hand as posible coming out of the primary to fight the extreme left that has set its sights on making that state permantly blue. Please donate online today or send a check to GING-PAC, PO Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Government Is Not God – PAC

PO Box 77327, Washington, DC

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