June – July 2009 Update

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GING-PAC supports Todd Tiahrt for Senate in Kansas and Rubio for Senate in Florida. Read more



                 First the bad news: Senator Sam Brownback is leaving the Senate to run for Governor of Kansas. For many years Senator Brownback has been the supporting backbone in the Senate for social conservatives. He has been the sponsor of the Values Action Team (VAT) in the Senate. The VAT is made up of social conservative Senators and social conservative groups such as the Religious Freedom Coalition. I attend the VAT meetings Senator Sam Brownback chairs each week that Congress is in session. I can’t even begin to tell you how important these VAT meetings are.


            I have arranged for presentations at the VAT meetings by Iraqi Christian refugees; by our evangelist from the West Bank; by conservative Christian members of the Swedish parliament; by  persecuted Christians from several Middle Eastern nations including Saudi Arabia, and many more. This allows me to introduce individuals to numerous social conservative groups who attend the VAT as well as to other Senators besides Senator Brownback. In addition, I and others have stopped really bad anti-Christian legislation cold by organizing in the VAT.  The Vat has also been instrumental in passing pro-life legislation such as the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.


            Before each VAT meeting a handful of people, including myself, meet in Senator Brownback’s office for prayer.


            How can we replace this man in the Senate?




This month I have spent some time with Congressman Todd Tiahrt (R-KS) who is running in the primary to replace Sam Brownback. Congressman Tiahrt is a member of an Assembly of God Church in Kansas, and he makes his evangelical belief in the absolute nature of the Bible clear. Also, at his Internet site and available for all to see, it reads:



“Healthy families are essential building blocks to any flourishing society. Todd supports legislation that seeks to uphold the sanctity of life and promote traditional family values that are important to Kansans.”


            I regret to say that most Republican candidates for the House and Senate do not address any social issues at their campaign sites, even if they do vote pro-life. Todd Tiahrt does. In the primary election Kansans overwhelmingly supported Mike Huckabee for president and I believe they will elect a man such as Todd Tiahrt to the Senate. GING-PAC has endorsed Todd Tiahrt in the primary race for Senate and has assisted in funding his campaign. When you support GING-PAC you are supporting candidates such as Todd Tiahrt .   




            SOUTH DAKOTA – Keep an eye on Senator John Thune of South Dakota. He is amassing a huge war chest that he may plan on using for something in addition to his reelection. His campaign meetings here in Washington are organized far better than those of other candidates, and often serve as “briefings” in which he has ten or twelve other members of the Senate present. He could very well be a dark horse for higher office than Senate in 2012.


            Regardless of who runs against him, including former Senator Tom Daschle, Thune has a ten to thirteen point lead in the polls. His defeat of Daschle in 2004 put the Senate firmly in the hands of the GOP, only to be lost again in 2006. GING-PAC supported Thune in his first run for the Senate and will support him again next year.


            NEVADA – We don’t have a solid candidate in Nevada, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is very unpopular there. As Majority Leader he has taken on the task of passing the far left agenda of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi in the Senate. In a recent poll by the Las Vegas Review Journal he had a favorable rating of only 34%. That is less than the 39% approval rating of Republican Senator Ensign after he admitted to an extramarital affair. Before admitting the affair Ensign had an approval rating of 54%. Reid is so unpopular that this seat can be won next year — all we need is a candidate!


            FLORIDA – GOP Senator Mel Martinez is retiring and the well healed Republican governor, Charlie Crist, wants his seat. Most social conservatives, including Governor Mike Huckabee, have endorsed his opponent Marco Rubio, the former Speaker of the House in the Florida legislature. Rubio’s conservative values are impeccable, while Governor Crist is considered a “moderate.” The entire Republican establishment has jumped on the Crist bandwagon, which gives me pause. At the various meetings I attend around Capitol Hill the main reason for backing Crist is his “fund raising ability” and the fact that he already has more than $2 million on hand to run his campaign. Having money left over from his various state races does not make him the best candidate for the Senate. Like Governor Huckabee, I am supporting Marco Rubio .


            GING-PAC is a small social conservative PAC. We can enter only a few Senate races in the 2010 cycle. As a result we must choose those races carefully.




Did you know that the month of June is now specially designated to honor homosexuals and other sexual perverts? President Obama issued a proclamation declaring June  to be "LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered) Pride Month ." Think back just ten years … could you imagine the time that a president of the United States would issue a proclamation honoring sodomy? We are not just waging a political battle in America; it is a moral and spiritual battle.


In Washington we are continuing to fight a far left machine that now controls virtually all the reins of government. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is as far left as a human being can get without falling off the planet. We have a President and a Speaker of the House with a warped, irrational view of the world. They see sodomy as normal and Islam as tolerant. At the same time, Obama and Pelosi see you and me as threats to society because we believe in Biblical truth. They make up truths for themselves and society without regard to the reality of God or of human nature.


We need to pray for real change …. at the same time we must work for rational change. We need to get rid of the pie-in-the-sky, tree hugging, Kumbaya singing crowd that runs our nation and replace them with rational people who understand the sin nature of man. There is only one way to do that. We need to place real social conservatives in the House and Senate, and hopefully to get either the House or the Senate, or both, out of the hands of utopian leftists before they destroy the nation. Your help is needed.


Please send a check to help today, or give an online gift at www.gingpac.org .


William J. Murray, Chairman

Government Is Not God – PAC,  P.O. Box 77237,  Washington, DC 20013

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